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Naoの (´┏_┓`)

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COMMENT! You want to be added because you think I'm interesting?
Okay, prove it by commenting every once in a while. I'm not saying I want people to comment to every last post,
but a comment every once in a while would be nice to know you're at least acknowledging I exist.

Okay yes, I love comments, but one or two word comments drive me bonkers.
Nothing bothers me more then getting a comment that only says "cool" or "interesting" make sure it's something I care to read.

Please don't be rude to me or anyone else,
I went friends only because of an annonomus post made to my journal that made me really upset so please don't be mean to me.

Have fun, and enjoy learning about me, because I'll be nice and get to know you as well.

If you have previously been removed and would like to be re-added,
please comment here again. Remember to follow the rules next time please.

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Married to omen1x2 on July 1, 2008 at marry_a_ljuser

Communities And Such
sug_fan - SuG fan community
_psc_ - Community that celebrates all bands PSC (No longer mod, but I'm leaving it here)
alice_no9 - Small, almost dead Alice Nine community
image_defect - Small/Dead RP community
xstray_catx - My Fanfiction journal
pixel_cookie - Small Doll journal
visual_drug - Where I post my icons